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Diagnostic Test for Lymphedema

Diagnostic Test for Lymphedema Diagnosis If you’re at risk of lymphedema — for instance, if you’ve recently had cancer surgery involving your lymph nodes — your doctor may diagnose lymphedema based on your signs and symptoms. If the cause of your lymphedema isn’t as obvious, your doctor may order imaging tests to get a look at your lymph system. Tests may include: MRI scan. Using a magnetic field and radio waves, an MRI produces 3-D, high-resolution

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What causes Lymphedema?

There are two general types of lymphedema: Primary Lymphedema usually appears without obvious cause or after a minor traumatic event or an infection. It can happen at any age, but is due to a congenital abnormality, usually involving malformed or missing lymph vessels. This condition may be familial. Secondary Lymphedema is an acquired condition resulting from the loss or obstruction of previously normal lymph pathways.  It often occurs after a surgical procedure where lymph notes

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The Lymphatic System

The  lymph system consists of a network of lymph vessels carrying lymph fluid to lymph nodes.  The lymph vessels are located all over the body (usually next to veins) and transport lymph fluid – excess fluid in the tissues which is filled with proteins, white blood cells, germs and cellular waste products.  This fluid is carried up to the lymph nodes where it is filtered and detoxified, before being returned to the blood stream. There

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What is Lymphedema?

WHAT IS LYMPHEDEMA Lymphedema is a swelling cause by a damaged lymphatic system.  Our Body is covered with lymphatic vessels.  These vessels are responsible for the transport, collection, and filtration of protein and the metabolic waste of inflammatory products in bodily fluids.  If the lymphatic system is damaged, it can no longer process sufficient fluid, causing visible swelling in your arms, legs and feet.  Lymphedema is a chronic disease that can be effectively treated.   

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