We would like thank all who gave to the LLN through Georgia Gives Day.  Although the annual Georgia Gives Day is in November of every year, you can give here on our website directly.  We appreciate everyone’s support of the Lighthouse Lymphedema Network.


When Joan White was diagnosed with Lymphedema back in the 1980’s, she had no one to turn to for help.  She was faced with a debilitating illness that was progressively worsening, and there were no medical professionals available who could offer any assistance. 

Out of Joan’s personal struggle was born The Lighthouse Lymphedema Network.  She founded this nonprofit organization in 1993 with the mission to increase awareness and general knowledge of the condition known as Lymphedema so that others would not have to battle as she did to find assistance.  Since this time, through the tireless efforts of volunteers, the LLN has continued to grow and gain recognition while educating and assisting patients, families, caregivers, the medical community, insurance companies, and other Lymphedema support groups.

The LLN’s reach is statewide and global.  The LLN provides financial assistance statewide to those who are unable to afford necessary compression garments and bandages; sends out quarterly newsletters; arranges meetings for patients and therapists to have a dialogue; holds an annual continuing educational conference with global expert speakers; leads fundraising and public awareness events; donates a collection of new and gently used compression garments and bandages for therapists to use in 3rd world countries; and holds continuing education events for physicians and nurses.

The LLN is unique in that it has no paid staff.  The services listed above happen only because of the tireless efforts of its volunteers.  100% of funding LLN receives directly benefits the Lymphedema community.

So, I ask you…please…

If you have ever read a LLN newsletter, attended a conference or meeting, benefitted from the Bandage and Garment Fund, interacted on our Facebook support page or community page, you are aware of how exceptional this organization truly is.

We need your help!  Please make a donation to Lighthouse Lymphedema Network today.  Simply go to our donations page and donate just $5 or more right now.  No amount is too small.  Every dollar counts towards support of our volunteer work to provide service to our Lymphedema community.