We hope everyone is starting the New Year safe and well.  We would like to thank everyone who supports our efforts to bring education and create awareness of lymphatic disease.  Our annual conference is always the highlight of the year for all involved.  We enjoy bringing the community together, and bringing world renowned speakers to help us educate patients, therapists, physicians and others on this disease, at this time of year.

In 2020, through the pandemic, our support group was dedicated to promoting health and wellness, and as such we prioritized the health and safety of our community and the presenters, by making the conference completely virtual. This was a brand new endeavor for us, but we were confident everyone would have an extraordinary virtual experience.  We were very hopeful to be able to see a vaccine and things getting back to normal, but that did not happen in time for the conference.  We wanted everyone to be safe and well, as many of our community are medically fragile and our community is our first priority.

The Virtual conference was a tremendous success!!  Hopefully the 2021 Conference will be held in person, and everyone will be able to attend, as we know it will be a great educational experience for all.


However, in the meantime we are making plans to do several webinars during the year to keep you abreast of subjects related to the treatment and care of lymphedema. Stay tuned for the exciting details of these webinars.