The  lymph system consists of a network of lymph vessels carrying lymph fluid to lymph nodes.  The lymph vessels are located all over the body (usually next to veins) and transport lymph fluid

– excess fluid in the tissues which is filled with proteins, white blood cells, germs and cellular waste products.  This fluid is carried up to the lymph nodes where it is filtered and detoxified, before being returned to the blood stream.

There are  500-1000 lymph nodes located all around the body:

  • The neck (supraclavicular and cervical)
  • The armpits (axilla)
  • Along the windpipe (trachea)
  • Adjacent to the lung (bronchial)
  • In the chest cavity (thoracic)
  • Along the intestine (abdominal)
  • Behind the abdominal cavity (retroperitoneal)
  • The pelvic area – The groin area (inguinal)

Lymph tissue is also found in the tonsils, spleen, intestinal wall and bone marrow.