Gary Gunter, 2009 Volunteer of the Year

 Gary Gunter joined the LLN with his wife, Elaine, in 2004 when she developed Lymphedema in her leg. They became active members immediately, including serving as members of the LLN Board of Directors. Gary is always a volunteer to be counted on for the LLN. He helps with our annual garage sale fundraiser and he and Elaine have even hosted the sale. For the last 3 years, he has served as the LLN website manager. He works diligently to keep our website information up-to-date and accurate (tricky to do when things are constantly changing). He also handles the computer and Power Point for our annual Lymphedema Education and Awareness Program.

After moving to Atlanta in 1973, Gary received a Master’s in Laboratory Administration from Georgia State University. He was the assistant chief of the Clinical Laboratory at Grady Hospital for 11 years and then worked at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention as a highly regarded IT specialist until 2004 when he very happily retired!. He enjoys the family’