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 Excitement is in the air! Since its founding around a dining room table in 1993, the Lighthouse Lymphedema Network (LLN) has grown to become one of the most recognized, respected and fast-growing non-profit organizations dedicated to promoting education and awareness about this disease we call lymphedema and provide assistance and support, not only for those afflicted with this disease but for their families, friends and even their healthcare providers.

With the launch of our new look and website, we hope those who come here will find the information needed to expand their knowledge and understanding of this disease.

The LLN has many goals and our mission is constantly expanding.

It seems as soon as one project is completed, another slips into its place. The LLN Board  of  Directors is very dedicated to serving those in the world of lymphatics and lymphatic disorders. We have no paid staff; only patients, medical professionals and community volunteers who donate their time and energy to keep our wonderful organization moving in a positive direction.

When asked how best to serve the LLN, I always say, attend our events, become a spokesperson for lymphedema and volunteer.

Bring us your concerns and we will help you! Bring us your ideas and we will work to make them happen! In the end, HELP US! HELP OTHERS!


Joan White, Director


The 2020 Fall Conference was a Virtual Success!!!

 Conference Header


We hope everyone is starting the New Year safe and well.  We would like to thank everyone who supports our efforts to bring education and create awareness of lymphatic disease.  Our annual conference is always the highlight of the year for all involved.  We enjoy bringing the community together, and bringing world renowned speakers to help us educate patients, therapists, physicians and others on this disease, at this time of year. 

In 2020, through the pandemic, our support group was dedicated to promoting health and wellness, and as such we prioritized the health and safety of our community and the presenters, by making the conference completely virtual. This was a brand new endeavor for us, but we were confident everyone would have an extraordinary virtual experience.  We were very hopeful to be able to see a vaccine and things getting back to normal, but that did not happen in time for the conference.  We wanted everyone to be safe and well, as many of our community are medically fragile and our community is our first priority. 

The Virtual conference was a tremendous success!!  Hopefully the 2021 Conference will be held in person, and everyone will be able to attend, as we know it will be a great educational experience for all. 


However, in the meantime we are making plans to do several webinars during the year to keep you abreast of subjects related to the treatment and care of lymphedema. Stay tuned for the exciting details of these webinars.


In 2018 the LLN turned 25. Thank you to everyone who has made the LLN a success.  From the Volunteers who give of their time and resources to the Physicians and Therapists who are willing to learn more about this disease, we couldn't do it without you.  From the one time supporters to the yearly supporters, every dollar counts and we couldn't do it without you.  From the vendors who support our events and bring their knowledge of products to the public and therapists, we couldn't do it without you.  We are so thankful for everyone's continued support, enthusiasm, dedication and passion that makes LLN such a success. 25 years ago this did not seem like a possiblity, but with the support we receive from volunteers and donors year after year, we are able to continue our bandages and garments fund, and help to educate and bring awareness of lymphatic disease to the forefront. As we move forward, as we do every year, we are praying for another prosperous year.



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Larry Hart Memorial Golf and Tennis Outing

Thursday, October 15 – Chateau Elan Golf Club, Braselton, GA

Southern Loss Association is a philanthropic organization who has served the Property Insurance Industry in the Atlanta area for over 50 years. This year the golf outing looked a little different., however,  The Lighthouse Lymphedema Network was the charity of choice for the outing.  The SLA made a donation to the LLN in the amount of $4,322.00.  We sincerely thank the Southern Loss Association for their continued generosity to our organization. 

Your LLN representatives at this event were Charlotte Murphy, Beverly Thompson and Joan White.

We sincerely thank Susan Freeman, event coordinator and her team, Jennifer, Crystal, Brooke, and Kristy for your hours of labor to make this event extra special. Applause to each of you for your hard work!


The Lymphedema Treatment Act is a federal bill that will improve insurance coverage for the medically necessary, doctor-prescribed compression supplies that are the cornerstone of lymphedema treatment.

To learn more about this legistation and the ways in which you can support its passage, please visit     This is a patient-driven, grassroots effort and our success depends on people just like you getting involved?

It is very important that your members of Congress hear from you.  The advocacy tools at the Lymphedema Treatment Act website make it quick and easy to contact your legistators via email, letter, phone and social media.

Please take a couple of minutes to ask your members of Congress to support this important bill by taking action today at  

Heather Ferguson
Founder and Executive Director
Lymphedema Advocacy Group
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


We would like thank all who gave to the LLN through Georgia Gives Day.  Although the annual Georgia Gives Day is in November of every year, you can give here on our website directly.  We appreciate everyone's support of the Lighthouse Lymphedema Network. 

When Joan White was diagnosed with Lymphedema back in the 1980’s, she had no one to turn to for help.  She was faced with a debilitating illness that was progressively worsening, and there were no medical professionals available who could offer any assistance. 

Out of Joan’s personal struggle was born The Lighthouse Lymphedema Network.  She founded this nonprofit organization in 1993 with the mission to increase awareness and general knowledge of the condition known as Lymphedema so that others would not have to battle as she did to find assistance.  Since this time, through the tireless efforts of volunteers, the LLN has continued to grow and gain recognition while educating and assisting patients, families, caregivers, the medical community, insurance companies, and other Lymphedema support groups.


2018 Board pic


The Lighthouse Lymphedema Network, we call ourselves the LLN, is dedicated to educating and creating awareness about lymphedema and related disorders. The LLN annually sponsors a medical conference including patients, caregivers, family members, and medical professionals.

Our Bandages and Garment Fund helps those less fortunate patients in Georgia whose insurance, Medicare or Medicaid will not cover garments or other devices. The LLN publishes a quarterly newsletter. Other materials available include our brochure. Through our website, we hope to provide information both locally and nationally. We have a strong board of directors of 30 volunteers who work tirelessly on various committees, fund raising projects, representing the LLN at health fairs and conferences throughout the year.