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What a better way to raise awareness for the Lighthouse Lymphedema Network than getting up on a beautiful Saturday morning and wearing bright blue shirts with the lighthouse logo to show our support.


That is exactly what 20 of us had the opportunity to do May 11, 2013 when we supported the Komen Race for the Cure at Atlantic Station in Atlanta, GA. It was very exciting with Vera Newman winning the prize for most family members and running the race. She brought about 6 people. Dolores and her husband brought the youngest supporter with their daughter, Sydney. Deb Cozzone got most everyone involved with spinning the wheel to win items from the Lighthouse and coupons to purchase the cookbook. Several of us took turns talking to individuals and giving out pamphlets to educate the masses on who we are and to answer any questions that arose from hearing the words "lymphedema".
The weather held out this year and it was a beautiful day. Unfortunately, we could not get everyone in the same place at the same time. There are lots of great photos of the event.
Next year, let's see if we can't double our support and get more walkers and wheel spinning going on. Try it...I bet you will like it!!