Heather Ferguson resides in Charlotte, NC with her husband Brian and twin boys Devdan and Dylan, who were born in September of 2006.  Dylan was born with idiopathic congenital primary bilateral lower body lymphedema. 

Ms. Ferguson's advocacy for this cause began when her family's insurance company refused to cover Dylan's prescription gradient compression garments.  In 2009 she worked with her State Representative, Tricia Cotham, who succeeded in introducing and passing the North Carolina "Lymphedema Diagnosis and Treatment Act".  This went in to effect January 1, 2010, and mandates that all private and state policies issued in the state of North Carolina cover lymphedema treatment.  Heather then set her sights on achieving nationwide coverage and in late 2009 secured her Congressman, Larry Kissell, as the sponsor for the federal Lymphedema Treatment Act.  Please visit www.LymphedemaTreatmentAct.orgfor more information.


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