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Degree Abbreviation Definitions:

PT- Physical Therapist  OT - Occupational Therapist  LANA - Lymphology Assoc. of North America
CLT - Certified in Lymphatic Therapy  CDT - Certified in Decongestive Therapy  CLT & CDT - Certified to Treat Lymphedema
Office Name Name Address 1 City State Phone Number
Advance Massage Therapy, Inc. Ellen Maroun, LMT, CLT 306 Bankhead Highway Carrollton GA 770.834.4599
Atlanta Medical Center, South Campus, Rehab Services Tracy John, PT, DPT, CLT 12700 Cleveland Avenue East Point GA 404.466.2200
Atlanta Rehabilitation and Performance Center-Eastside Snellville Katy Reading, PTA, CLT 1800 Tree Lane Snellville GA 770-982-1260
Benchmark Physical Therapy - Cartersville Laurann Stewart, PT, CLT 626 E. Main Street Cartersville GA 770.383.9734
Benchmark Physical Therapy - Decatur Elizabeth Orvis, PT, OLT, DPT, CLT 2097 N. Decatur Road Decatur GA 404.634.7171
Benchmark Physical Therapy - Glenridge Drive Kathryn Abebe, PT, DPT, CLT 860 Johnson Ferry Road Atlanta GA 404.252.5545
Body of Health, Home of the Lymph Clinic Julie Mills, MT, CDT; Kim Mainer, MS, OTR/L, CLT-LANA 2321 Henry Clower Boulevard, Ste A Snellville GA 678.344.0050
Cancer Treatment Centers of America (Limited to seeing Cancer Treatment Centers patients only) Angella Popinga, OTR/L, CLT-LANA; Christopher Todd Lane, OTR/L, CLT 600 Celebrate Life Parkway Newnan GA 770.400.6430
DeKalb Medical Center, Rehab Results Group Carol Crochet, PT, CLT; Elizabeth Todd, PTA, CSLT 2675 N. Decatur Road Decatur GA 404.501.5140
DeKalb Medical Hillandale, Rehab Results Group Jade Gross, OTD, OLTR/L, CSLT; Max Lasiy, PT, DPT, CSLT; Angela Staples, PTA, CLT 5900 Hillandale Drive Lithonia GA 404.501.8140
Emily Francis, MCMT, BS, CLT (Private Practice) 11390 Ridge Hill Drive Johns Creek GA 404.918.2513
Emory Eastside Medical Center Tia McEwen, OT, CLT 1600 Medical Way Snellville GA 770.736.2280
Emory Johns Creek Hospital Crystal Champion, PT, DPT, CLT; Theresa Sylvester, PT, CEAS, CLT, Dry Needling Certified 11670 Medlock Bridge Road Johns Creek GA 678.474.8100
Emory Winship Cancer Institute, Emory University Hospital Midtown, Radiation Oncology Department (Limited to seeing Emory Winship patients only) Stephanie Kirkpatrick, PT, DPT, CLT-LANA 550 Peachtree St. Atlanta GA 404.778.4529
Gwinnett Sports Rehab at Gwinnett Medical Center Jenna Migliore, MSOT, CSLT 500 Medical Center Blvd, Suite 130 Lawrenceville GA 678.312.2803
Northside Hospital - Alpharetta Gillian Wolfson, PT, CSLT 3400 Old Milton Parkway Alpharetta GA 770.667.4231
Northside Hospital - Atlanta (Also have compression garment services) Janie Smith, PT, CLT, STAR(c); Rita Loew, OT, CLT-LANA 993D Johnson Ferry Road Atlanta GA 404.851.8912
Northside Hospital - Forsyth (Also have compression garment services) Samantha Cannon, MSOT/L, CLT, STAR(c) 1400 Northside Forsyth Dr. Cumming GA 770.844.3650
Piedmont Henry Healthcare - Stockbridge Shavonna Warthen, OTR/L, CLT 150 Eagle Spring Ct. Stockbridge GA 678.604.1028
Piedmont Hospital - Rehabilitative Services - Fayette Lisa Chaphe, OTR/L, CLT; Alison Franklin, OTR/L, CLT-LANA, Ashley P. Wilson, OTR/L, MS CLT 1250 Highway 54 Fayetteville GA 770.719.7290 then press 1
Piedmont Hospital-Rehabilitative Services - Atlanta (Also have compression garment services) Bernice Cohen, PT, CSLT; Jackie Echols, OTR/L, CSLT; Gwen Forbes-Kirby, PT, CLT-LANA, STAR(c); Stacy Saraydar, PTA, CLT, CSLT 1968 Peachtree Road NW Atlanta GA 404.605.1986
Piedmont Newnan Hospital Outpatient Center Elizabeth Macke, PT, CLT 20 Francis Way Sharpsburg GA 770.254.3405
Shepherd Center (Limited to seeing Shepherd Center patients only) Rebecca Hammad, MHS, OTR/L, CLT 2020 Peachtree Road, NW Atlanta GA 404.350.3065
Southern Regional Health System - Rehabilitation Services John Fowler, PT, CSLT 11 Upper Riverdale Road Riverdale GA 770.991.8070
Southern Regional Hospital Jacqueline Valme, OT, CLT 747 S. 8th Street Griffin GA 770.229.6498
Southern Therapy Services Lou Blackman, PT, CLT 812 South Park Street Carrollton GA 770.834.7436 then press 5
The Sports Rehabilitation Center - Brookhaven Shelley Smith DiCecco, PhD, PT, CLT-LANA, CI-CS 2669 Osborne Road Atlanta GA 404.477.7777
The Sports Rehabilitation Center - Dunwoody Shelley Smith DiCecco, PhD, PT, CLT-LANA, CI-CS 5342 Tilly Ml Road Dunwoody GA 770-395-2643
The Sports Rehabilitation Center - Midtown Shelley Smith-DiCecco, PhD, PT, CLT-LANA, CI-CS; Jaclyn Brandt, PT, DPT, CLT 555 10th Street Atlanta GA 404.477.8888
The Wellness Sanctuary, Inc. Tiana Allen, LMT, CDT 828 Ralph McGill Boulevard Atlanta GA 678-856-3864
Therapeutic Solutions, Inc. Angelo Rizzo, DPT, PT, CLT 1601 Milstead Road Conyers GA 770.922.2420
Tuscan Sun Massage and Wellness Center Sandi Stephens McGriff, LMT, CLT/MLDT 431 W. Ponce DeLeon Avenue Decatur GA 404.964.1072
Wellstar Kennestone Hospital/Outpatient Rehab Kate Gavin, PT, CLT-LANA; Diane Epstein, PT, CLT-LANA 818 Church Street Marietta GA 770.590.4172
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DISCLAIMER: The list of lymphedema treatment centers and hospitals with certified therapists does not mean an endorsement by the Lighthouse Lymphedema Network. We are simply giving you this list as a good guideline to use for reference only. Many individuals are claiming to be certified in lymphatic therapy. Please check all credentials thoroughly. You are encouraged to inquire about fees and verify coverage with your insurance company prior to the treatment.