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Lighthouse Lymphedema Network wants to celebrate all the lymphedema therapists that are also Occupational Therapists.


Samantha Cannon represents the Lighthouse Lymphedema Network as an active Board member of the Lighthouse Lymphedema Network and a full-time lymphedema therapist at Gwinnett SportsRehab in Duluth, GA specializing in oncology rehabilitation and lymphatic complications.

 Courtney Day

 Courtney Day was diagnosed with primary lymphedema.  It is through her book entitled A Leg Up on Lymphedema, co-authored with her certified lymphedema therapist, Emily Smith Francis, that she gains her strength to come forward and speak her truth in hopes that others find the courage to speak.  "Sometimes we need to know that we are not alone.  Those who truly understand lymphedema from the inside are the patients who live through the daily challenges that the condition presents."

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Heather Ferguson resides in Charlotte, NC with her husband Brian and twin boys Devdan and Dylan, who were born in September of 2006.  Dylan was born with idiopathic congenital primary bilateral lower body lymphedema. 

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