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In 1993, the Lighthouse Lymphedema Network held its first meeting in the home of its founder, Joan White.  Those present included patients, family members, one occupational therapist, and one massage therapist.  The occupational therapist and massage therapist would go on to get their certifications in treatment of lymphedema patients.

From the beginning, the group was focused on education and creating awareness.  We were definitely “pioneers.”  In 1993, the internet was still in its infancy compared to today’s standards. Therefore, getting information to the public about lymphedema was met by challenges.  Word of mouth and constant determination has made the LLN one of the most respected and ongoing lymphedema support groups in the country.

The LLN has a strong board of directors, which meets quarterly and administers the many projects of the organization.

  • Education & Awareness Programs: Over the years, with the help of various businesses and lymphedema product companies, the LLN has sponsored programs on lymphedema and other lymphatic diseases.  We are proud of our efforts in our “Shedding Light on Lymphedema” programs and our many State of Georgia Lymphedema Education & Awareness events.
  • Through the efforts of the LLN, October 22nd has been declared the State of Georgia Lymphedema Awareness Day.  This day has been celebrated with distinguished speakers presenting on various topics from the correct treatment of lymphedema to current research.  We especially thank the physicians, certified therapists, and technicians who have shared their time and talents over the years to make our education and awareness programs among of the best in the country.
  • The LLN sponsors various events and an annual conference throughout the year and invites speakers to discuss subjects of interest for our patients, family members, and the professional community.
  • The LLN publishes quarterly newsletters, provides information brochures, and participates in many health fairs throughout the year.
  • Website: Information on the LLN and about lymphedema is available.  We also provide direct links to many other sites that we know are trustworthy.
  •  The Bandages and Garment Fund Fund  was started to make sure needy patients whose insurance or Medicare/Medicaid will not cover garments or other devices do not fall through the cracks.  It is extremely important that once affected patients have gone through the treatment program, they have proper compression garments to wear to maintain the affected limb.  Through donations, fund raisers, and grants, the organization has provided assistance to many patients.

The LLN is a group of volunteers (we have no paid staff) whose purpose is to educate and create awareness about lymphedema and to help patients, family members, and professionals.

The LLN welcomes members to become involved in helping us to achieve our goals.

Become Active! Become an Advocate! Become a LLN contributor by serving on one of our many committees! You can make a difference!

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About Us

The Lighthouse Lymphedema Network is a 501 (C) (3) organization of individuals who are lymphedema patients, or who have an interest in lymphedema.
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