Team Award 2010, Volunteers of the Year   “In recognition of your compassion, dedication, and service to the Lighthouse Lymphedema Network through your unselfish volunteer work to promote, educate and create awareness for all lymphatic diseases. We celebrate you today! Honor you! Thank you! “   Pictured (L to R) Dolores Bradley, Deb Cozzone, Vicky Day, Gwen Forbes-Kirby, Vera Newman, Shirley Tucker, Shelley Smith-DiCecco, Beverly Thompson, Samantha Cannon, Elaine Gunter, Cole Sanders, Gary Gunter, Joan White.   Not pictured: Larry Ashmore, Linda Harman, Stephanie Kirkpatrick, Jennifer Kitt, Clint Labarthe, Debbie Labarthe, Pat O’Connor, Stacy Saraydar, Janie Smith, Lisa Sollenberger, DeCourcy Squire, and Sandi Stephens.

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The Lighthouse Lymphedema Network is a 501 (C) (3) organization of individuals who are lymphedema patients, or who have an interest in lymphedema.

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