Francine Schwartz Schuler is a Lipedema and Lipolymphedema patient. She has a BS in Economics, with a Double Major in Political Science and a Minor in Theater from The University of Tampa.

Francine has struggled with weight since before Kindergarten and rose to over 425lbs in adulthood. She was always misdiagnosed as only having Obesity and constantly told she was non-compliant because she could never lose enough weight, especially from the bottom half of her body.  When she started her Lipedema surgery journey she was immobile and needed a walker then wheelchair. After having 5 surgeries on her legs, and following the modalities of CDT, she is able to walk without assistance.

Francine's new passion in life is to raise awareness of Lipedema. She is also a Moderator on the Facebook group “Liposuction for Lipedema” with over 8k members now. Francine has done a lot of research and is able to educate others on ways to fight this horrible debilitating and disfiguring disease. 

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The Lighthouse Lymphedema Network is a 501 (C) (3) organization of individuals who are lymphedema patients, or who have an interest in lymphedema.

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